Coffs Harbour Rifle Club.
Results of the club Rimfire events held on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at the Howard St range.

The 90m Field Class match was conducted with 19 participants.
For the major placings – Master Grade, Ben R 95.11, Daniel Finlay 93.5, Jake Buckley 88.5 – A Grade, Matt Walsh 86.3, Andrew Moran 82.1 – B Grade, Noel Furness 87.6, Max Archer 87.3, Lockie Knight 84.5 – C Grade, Carl P 65.1, Pete C 60.2, Theo G 53.2

For all other scores – B Grade, Hayley R 72.3, Member-440 68.1, Sarah Jones 64.3, Cherelle Steinhardt 61.2 – C Grade, Cooper Finlay 40.1, Ray Jones 47.1(visitor) – Using a rest, Mitch Upton 66.1, Member-801 60.1

The 50m F-Class match was conducted with 15 participants.
For the major placings, Theo G 193.7, Ben R 193.3, Daniel Finlay 192.11
For all other scores, Carl P 192.6, Jake Buckley 191.10, Cooper Finlay 189.8, Mitch Upton 189.5, Noel Furness 189.4, Hayley R 188.8, Cherelle Steinhardt 188.7, Lockie Knight 188.5, Jon Brown 187.5, Brianna Rees 182.3, Pete C 180.3, Wendi H 171.6

The Dairyville Range has Field Class on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month starting at 9:00am. Service Rifle is the 4th Sunday every second month starting at 9am. Long Range/F-Class on the 2nd & 4th Saturday each month starting at 12.30pm.

The Howard Street Range has Field Class & F-Class Rimfire every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm.
Contact the club secretary (Stuart Davidson) at or go to for more information.

Geoffrey Hart