Coffs Harbour Rifle Club.
Results of the club Rimfire events held on Wednesday, 7 February 2024 at the Howard St range.

The 60m Field Class match was conducted with 33 participants.
For the major placings – Master Grade, Ben R 98.7, Daniel Finlay 88.4 – A Grade, Stuart D 95.7, Phillip Payne 90.5, Johan Greyling 88.6 – B Grade, Noel Furness 92.3, Jessica Hancock 88.5, Member-677 88.3 – C Grade, Dylan Johnson 81.5, Andrew G 78.2, Member-832 74.2

For all other scores – A Grade, Geoff Slattery 81.2 – B Grade, Leo Lawlor 82.3, Cherelle Steinhardt 75.4, Ryan Banks 75.1, Michelle D 74.2, Col Green 72.0, Kieren Ward 70.2, Jonathon Mackay 69.1 – C Grade, Cooper Finlay 73.1, Matthew Mawby 69.1, Kevin Mackay 68.1, Mitch Upton 68.1, Jeff W 67.2, Andrea Ward 60.1, Phillip Ward 60.0, Theo G 56.0, Pete C 55.1, Wendi H 48.1, Sineidin Mackay 39.0, Scott Stenweiss 62.0(visitor), Yana Stenweiss 46.0(visitor). – Using a rest, Garry Heskett 88.10

The 50m F-Class match was conducted with 15 participants.
For the major placings, Ben R 198.13, Theo G 195.9, Daniel Finlay 192.9
For all other scores, Noel Furness 192.5, Johan Greyling 191.9, Jessica Hancock 190.5, Mitch Upton 189.6, Cooper Finlay 189.4, Cherelle Steinhardt 188.5, Member-677 187.4, Wendi H 185.4, Leo Lawlor 180.2, Pete C 172.1, Scott Stenweiss 186.5(visitor), Yana Stenweiss 94.0(visitor).

Dairyville this weekend. Saturday February 10, 500m Long Range starting at 12.30pm. (Long Range caters for Target Rifle, F-Class, F/TR, Sporting/Hunting)

The Dairyville Range has Field Class on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month starting at 9:00am. Service Rifle is the 4th Sunday every second month starting at 9am. Long Range/F-Class on the 2nd & 4th Saturday each month starting at 12.30pm.

The Howard Street Range has Field Class & F-Class Rimfire every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm.
Contact the club secretary (Stuart Davidson) at or go to for more information.

Geoffrey Hart