Coffs Harbour Rifle Club.
Results of the club event held on Sunday, 7 November 2021 at the Dairyville range.

The 300m Field Class match was conducted with 23 participants.
For the major placings – Master Grade, Chris Mears 96.4, Joel Walker 95.11, Ben R 95.8 – A Grade, Bryce K 95.12 – B Grade, Brianna Rees 91.4, Daniel Finlay 90.4, Max Archer 90.2 – C Grade, Member-677 81.2, Jessica Hancock 78.1, Cooper Finlay 77.2 – Bench Class, John Lambert 84.2

For all other scores – Master Grade, Glenn K 95.4 – B Grade, Noel Furness 89.5, Phillip Payne 85.1, Kieron Hayden 82.4, Using a rest, Doug Young 93.3 – C Grade, Jacob Harvey 69.2, Phil Hartmann 66.1, Trevor R 32.0 – Visitors, Shaye Young 53.0 – Visitors using a rest, Amy Rees 95.3, Jax Weston 91.10, Steve Rees 91.2

Reminder. Please return club trophies by end of November. There are 43 of them, which I need to process, label, and get engraved early December, for this year’s presentation at the Christmas Shoot.

The Dairyville Range has Field Class on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month starting at 9:00am. Service Rifle is the 4th Sunday every second month starting at 9am. Long Range/F-Class on the 2nd & 4th Saturday each month starting at 12.30pm.

The Howard Street Range has Field Class & F-Class Rimfire every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm.
Contact the club secretary (Stuart Davidson) at or go to for more information.

Geoffrey Hart