Coffs Harbour Rifle Club.
Results of the club Rimfire events held on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at the Howard St range.

The 30m Field Class match was conducted with 16 participants.
For the major placings – Master Grade, Jake Buckley 96.11 – A Grade, Stuart D 94.7, Jeffrey Pfeiffer 91.6, Phillip Payne 90.3 – B Grade, Member-677 74.4 – C Grade, Johan Greyling 89.5, Jessica Hancock 81.3, Ashley R 73.2 – BENCH CLASS, Cooper Finlay 93.9

For all other scores – A Grade, Daniel Finlay 89.5, Max Archer 85.2 – C Grade, Mitch Upton 63.2, Ella Drewell 57.0, Ricky Bourke 51.0, Wendi H 24.0, Wendy Cook 1.0(visitor).

OPEN SIGHTS – Stuart D97, Jake Buckley 95, Thomas James 80, Ashley R 58

The 50m F-Class match was conducted with 15 participants.
For the major placings, Johan Greyling 196.12, Jessica Hancock 196.11, Member-677 195.11
For all other scores, Ashley R 194.9, Jake Buckley 194.8, Daniel Finlay 192.5, Craig Drewell 190.3, Mitch Upton 188.6, Cooper Finlay 181.4, Thomas James 175.3, Ella Drewell 165.2, Ricky Bourke 132.0, Wendi H 127.0, Mia Greyling 194.8(visitor), Wendy Cook 34.1(visitor).


Dairyville this weekend, lots happening-

Friday Afternoon Pistols starting at 4pm.   

Saturday Morning Working Bee starting at 8am Saturday Afternoon NRL22 Rimfire starting at 2pm  

Sunday The Christmas Shoot – 100m Field Class starting at 9am, (includes Service Rifles and Rimfire Rifles). Followed by (in no particular order) the Trophy presentation, a BBQ lunch (provided), and a Special Event the naming of the Clubhouse. A bronze plaque will be unveiled with the words “Graeme Veale Memorial Clubhouse”

The Dairyville Range has Field Class on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month starting at 9:00am. Service Rifle is the 4th Sunday every second month starting at 9am. Long Range/F-Class on the 2nd & 4th Saturday each month starting at 12.30pm.

The Howard Street Range has Field Class & F-Class Rimfire every Wednesday night starting at 5:30pm.
Contact the club secretary (Stuart Davidson) at or go to for more information.

Geoffrey Hart